It is normal (and good) to wonder what good a church can do in the world.  Sometimes, though, when you are a part of a small church, it can be common to doubt that the church can do any good.  “We don’t have the resources,” we say.  “We lack the […]

What difference can the small church make? 

I remember the first time I read a Brian McLaren book.  “A Generous Orthodoxy” was something like an exotic trip in a forbidden land.  It was like McLaren was giving voice to all the dark corners of my mind, expressing the thoughts that I (thought I) was forbidden from expressing myself.  […]

Review: Brian McLaren’s “The Great Spiritual Migration”

Lectionary preachers have the sometimes daunting challenge of exploring and discovering thematic consistency if they plan to preach in series.  While there are fantastic resources online, such as my personal favorite, CatchyLecty, there are times when even our favorite resources leave us wanting.  That’s part of the reason I’m excited […]

Resource Review: A Preacher’s Guide to Lectionary Sermon Series: ...

Who is Jesus without God and the Holy Spirit? Who is the Holy Spirit without Jesus or God? Who is God without Jesus or the Holy Spirit? Without all three, the picture is incomplete.  We do not understand God without Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Unless we understand God in […]

Community – Trinity and Identity

Recent Barna research shows that only 20% Christians are involved in some sort of discipleship activity.  That means that four out of five people who profess faith in Christ are not a part of any regular gathering that is intended to foster spiritual growth in their lives. Of those 20%, […]

Tools for Discipleship