July 12, 2016

Psalms (Morning) – Psalm 26, Psalm 28
Psalms (Evening) – Psalm 36, Psalm 39
Old Testament – Joshua 2:15–24
New Testament – Romans 11:13–24
Gospel – Matthew 25:14–30

Brief reflection on Matthew 25:14–30:

There’s a strange temptation, perhaps, to wonder “how much have I been given?”  We’re prone to making comparisons.  But of course, that misses the point all together, doesn’t it?  The point isn’t about how we’re gifted or how we stack up compared to someone else, but how we have faithfully responded to what God (or life) has placed in front of us.  So the question to ponder isn’t “what have I been given,” but “am I living faithfully for God in a way that advances His interests (in the world, and in me)?”




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