July 11, 2016

Psalms (Morning) – Psalm 25
Psalms (Evening) – Psalm 9, 15
Old Testament – Joshua 2:1–14
New Testament – Romans 11:1–12
Gospel – Matthew 25:1–13

It’s not about old vs. new.  It’s about recognizing that God moves, and we must move with Him.Paul asks, in Romans, “has God given up and moved to Plan B?  Has he abandoned the Israelites in favor of the Romans?”  His answer is “no.”  The Gentiles have been included, but not the exclusion of Israel.  “There is a remnant,” he says, and he concludes with the hope that “even those who were cut off will be grafted back in if they don’t continue to be unfaithful, because God is able to graft them in again.”

Though this was a word to Israel, still I think that it is a word to contemporary Christians as well.  The difference is that while Jewish Christians may have felt the weight of being left behind, as Gentile Christians emerged and eventually outnumbered them, contemporary American Christians are largely ignorant of the way our faith, placed in the wrong places, leaves us behind.  The remnant of Israel, of which Paul speaks, are the ones who were able to keep up with “what God is doing now.”  But there were also those who were stuck in the old way, and who were quickly being left behind.  Likewise, there is a movement of God that is taking place now, but we have to move with God instead of insisting that God move in the ways that we see fit.

I am not talking about “new vs. old.”  I’m not talking about progress or change or anything that might imply that one generation is favored over another, or one way is favored over another.  I am simply recognizing that God moves, and we must move with Him.



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